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A year of eating familially

By Nick Lander 09 December 2017

"... Back in Europe, in the towns of Roses and Figueres in Catalunya, the hotels Almadraba Park and Hotel Empordà respectively are hotels and restaurants owned and managed by Jordi Subirós and his father Jaume Both are tall and distinguished and both share the same assiduous attitude towards their clients after their clients to ensure that they have a great time. But the father takes his responsibilities one step further At the beginning of each service, having made sure his clients are comfortably seated, he takes off the jacket of his dark suit, dons a waiter's apron and wears this self-created uniform in a role that he has created for himself. This is how he acts as an interpreter between his clients and his kitchen or as he puts it, 'I am thinking for my customers. ' .... "

A version of this article is published by the Financial Times.

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