Offer the gift of a Gastronomic Experience at Restaurant Almadraba in Roses with unbeatable views of the bay of Roses and Almadraba beach.

Includes 2 tasting menus with drinks (water, wine pairings and coffees).


Terms & Conditions Gift Voucher

- Gift vouchers are valid for a specific period of time as indicated on the form. Under no circumstances will it be possible to make a reservation or enjoy the gift after the expiry date indicated.

- When booking, it is important to confirm the date and indicate the name of the gift card in your possession.

- All services offered on the gift cards are subject to hotel availability and upon request.

- In no case, the services proposed in each gift card can be exchanged against its value in cash and, only, they are valid to use in Almadraba Park Hotel.

- The non-use of the gift card, does not originate right to reimbursement.

- It is essential to present or deliver the gift card to enjoy it.