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From € 100,00

Give this check with the preferred value so that it can be exchanged in our hotel, restaurant, Raspa & Wine.

Choose the price that suits you and give away a smile!

  • Gift cards have a certain validity indicated on the form. In any case, it is possible to book or enjoy the gift, once expired the effective date given.
  • When booking, it is important to confirm the dates and indicate the number of gift card you have.
  • All services offered on the gift cards are subject to hotel availability and upon request.
  • In any case, the services offered in each gift card can be exchanged against its cash value and, only, they are valid for use in Carmen Hotel.
  • Failure to use the gift card, does not result in refund.
  • Gift cards with cash vouchers are cumulative among themselves.
  • Once you are in the hotel, you need to file and serve the form. You must present and deliver the gift card to enjoy it.
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